A local family eat-in restaurant had to transform itself overnight exclusively into a carry-out and delivery operation due to the Coronavirus health restrictions. Immediately it was constrained by call capacity limitations on its single phone line. People were texting the owner on his personal cell complaining they couldn’t get through. The restaurant was quickly losing orders and customers. Here is what happened next …

  • 10 AM Day 1, We discussed a potential solution to help a small restaurant improve call handling and even potentially handle any missed calls.
  • 11 AM Day 2, the restaurant opened handling live calls on #AmazonConnect. In a matter of a few hours 35+ orders were processed.
  • With Remote Access to POS, now the customer is considering taking orders from home and freeing up the Kitchen to focus on preparing & delivering the best food !

As a result of this new solution they saw their orders increase the first day of operations by 91% and a reduction in complaints by 87%. We are #Proud of the work we do !

To learn more or download full case study please click on the following link below.

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