cloud computing

Focus on the Good ….

I have always walked into the office everyday with an expectation for the day and an execution plan. Having worked in large enterprises all my life, keeping focus on objectives and goals and making progress towards the outcomes came naturally. The support you get from various parts of the Organization like Human Resources, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Procurement, Contracts, Legal, Finance … etc etc keep you focussed on your role and objectives and you start for taking these support…

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Let’s build a Serverless Application !

Sounds easy, until you get this picture as the Serverless solution architecture frame work that needs to get deployed! Worried about how to configure Infrastructure that includes, VPC, Route 53, RDS, cloud-front, S3, configure s3-hosting, SSM Parameter store, API Gateway, CFT’s, Lambda, SNS, Cognito  …… and the list goes on ! …

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