A local family eat-in restaurant had to transform itself overnight exclusively into a carry-out and delivery operation due to the Coronavirus health restrictions. Immediately it was constrained by call capacity limitations on its single phone line. People were texting the owner on his personal cell complaining they couldn’t get through. The restaurant was quickly losing […]

Moving to digital platform is not an option but a need for today’s business world.  To achieve higher growth, targeting massive audience, making global presence in today’s competitive environment, companies are using technologies in a best possible way. Cloud is currently in top trends among business users. Cloud-native computing is the new phase of cloud computing, in […]

If you’re thinking of switching to the cloud, you’re one of the thousands of enterprises/business that are either in the process of doing so or are at least considering it this year. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the industry leader in cloud computing and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), and it has grown steadily by introducing the new […]

Migrating to the cloud has become integral to IT innovation. Organizations of all sizes continue to intensify their cloud investment to move the businesses forward. AWS cloud services help businesses to become scalable, agile, and flexible to adopt the innovation fast. It also helps them to enhance their efficiencies and offer better experiences to their customers or […]

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