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BizCloud Experts is a minority owned, female owned IT Consulting and DevOps business that is also an Amazon Web Services Reseller agent. With years of experience, the founders, Nagesh and Bhramara Kunamneni alongside Soma Sanjay Bravim have created a unique organization that is empowering their organization to drive a proactive, agile team that takes every challenge seriously but with a touch of fun along the way. The mentality of our business is “Work Hard , Play Hard”! We dedicate 100% of our energy not only to our work but also to our passions and extracurricular activities. Whether on the cricket field, the performance stage, or spending time with friends and family, we are an all-in group of people.

We are a customer first organization that is here to focus on creating unique products and solutions that are powered by the Amazon Web Services solutions. We are focused on attaining the Premier AWS Partner status, while having already achieved the AWS Advanced Partner status. We will continue to leverage On-Shore and Off-Shore resources to give direct contact for our clients while also cost saving measures with a substantial team based in India. BizCloud Experts will always be a Culture of Learning Development professional company that rapidly develops skills and competencies in Artificial Intelligence (Ai), Machine Learning (ML) and other key areas of innovation and development. All of this is in an accelerated effort to not only meet clients where they are at but more importantly where they want to be in the future.

BizCloud Experts is a Work-Hard Play Hard, Build a Culture of Learning & Development and always, always keep the customer first organization. All of this is built with a deep partnership with AWS and our partners within the AWS organization. The ultimate goal is to create something unique in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex community that drives innovation and community involvement at every level.

Collaborative Journeys to
Empowering Progress


We embrace new technologies and constantly evolve to bring you the best solutions.


The team at BizCloud works collaboratively with you to understand your vision and achieve your goals.

server security

We prioritize data protection and ensure the highest level of security for your business.


We are committed to delivering exceptional service and exceeding your expectations.


Customized Roadmap with BizCloud

Leverage BizCloud’s cloud services and AWS DevOps services for a personalized journey: assess, strategize, implement, and optimize your cloud success.


We'll listen carefully and understand exactly what you need and what you're aiming to achieve.


As per your need, our team comes up with customized plans that are designed to achieve the best possible results.


At BizCloud, we strategically put those plans into action with careful attention to detail and effectiveness.


After implementation, we will keep fine-tuning and adjusting things to make sure you keep moving forward successfully.

Meet Our Team

Nagesh Kunamneni
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Soma Sanjay Bravim
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Bhramara Kunamneni

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