Smart IVR : Programmable Voice

Handling Inbound and Outbound Calls in Small / Medium and Large Enterprises can be a significant challenge. We can help.

Simple tasks like providing open hours, taking orders, following up on missed calls, to complex tasks of understanding customer preferences at initial contact seem like daunting task leading lost revenue, bad customer experience. What if you can solve this by simply making your IVR smart? Let us help by replacing your phone system with Open Programmable IVR. We’ll set-up the IVR, connect your telephones and provide simple calls flows. Now you are free to highly reThink your Customer Experience by naturally integrating with CRM and other business systems

We will enable and tailor the following features to meet your needs

Create personalized IVR Workflows

Craft intelligent IVR workflows and trigger custom business processes using a powerful drag and drop builder. No coding required.

Default Call Flows will include setting up upto 5 extensions as defined by the business.

Build Intelligent Bots

Build, train, and deploy artificially intelligent bots, IVRs, and Alexa apps using natural language understanding and machine learning frameworks with Twilio Autopilot.

Bots will reduce the number of inbound calls that need to be handled by agents. Studies have shown cost of Bots is 10x lower to Cost of person handling the call

Enable Advanced Voice Features

Build conversations anywhere. Make, receive, and monitor calls around the world using the Voice API that developers rely on. Take action based on customers’ voice commands, or build text-to-speech experiences in hundreds of different languages.

Customers do not like to be put on hold. Advanced voice feature allow business never to miss a call, or follow up with customer and even proactively send coupons to finish incomplete orders promptly.

Add Channels on-demand

Additional communications channels like Whatsapp, SMS, email are crucial improve CX. Easily integrate different channels into your IVR to reach customers on the medium that suits them best.

Customers can interact with enterprise in channel and in some cases start a transaction on web and would like to complete it with voice and receive confirmations via SMS. The experience should be seamless.


Add voice to workplace, products and application services

Build your own custom skills, you can easily voice-enable your applications, products and services. We can assist employees and customers with simple tasks like finding employee by name, extensions, employment verification to complex services to enable customer can interact with your business services naturally. We can voice enable services like room service ordering for hotels, retrieving inventory levels or getting the status of deal from your CRM.

BizCloud Experts, with certified AWS engineers, is experienced in helping organizations reach more customers by adding voice-enabled experience to the connected products.

Solution Offers

The objective of this service, is to enable and manage Smart IVR for Small and Medium Enterprises in the our local area.

Smart IVR Starter Kit

Implement and configure your Smart IVR for Business Starter Pack for a Small Medium office. Service details:

  1. Install and Configure Cloud based IVR
  2. Configure Default Call Flows
  3. Setup Desktop Clients (Max 5)
  4. Setup Outbound Calling
  5. 30-day support

Pricing for starter kit, $100.00 for implementation, $99.99 month

*Remote support/maintenance, break/fix, Onsite support not included, can be added on a per incident basis.

Smart IVR for Enterprise

Design a custom Smart Assistant for Business solution that is tailored for your business needs. This will include Smart IVR Starter Kit plus the following:

  1. Additional Hard and Soft Phones as required
  2. Basic Smart IVR Bots: Employee Lookup, Employment Validation, etc
  3. IVR Integrations: CRM Integration, Private skills and integration development using serverless frameworks.
  4. Enhanced Support including Remote support/maintenance, break/fix, Onsite support not included, can be added on a per incident basis.

Solution is custom priced based on requirements, scope, devices, integrations and skill development needs.

Smart Voice Application Integration  Development

Looking for an Cloud Services partner that can help you develop additional skills to improve your productivity? Our Certified Architects and Engineers will guide you through a life-cycle of activities in building and enabling new voice skills in your business.

Pricing for building new IVR voice skills starts at $250.00 per skill. All skill/integration development is a priced as custom development using agile development methodologies.

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