Cloud-Based Contact Center Solution

Deliver enhanced customer service experience at lower costs

Self-service contact center solution

The ability to scale seamlessly and cost-effectively react with respect to market changes is distinguishing the cloud based contact center solutions from the traditional offerings.

In order to provide an improved customer and agent experiences, the solution has to efficiently handle the routing mechanism, integrate with the existing systems and provide real-time metrics.
BizCloud’s certified AWS Engineers help organizations architect cloud based contact center solutions to provide an enhanced customer experience by leveraging right mix of tools and services.

Use Cases

Launch a contact center solution with zero upfront payments and no infrastructure to manage

Setup and Manage

Deploy a contact center solution and configure/build contact workflows


The contact center solution scales automatically without having to worry about the backend infrastructure


Integrates with the existing CRM solutions/custom applications to enhance agent/customer experience

Serverless Architecture

Seamlessly integrate with other AWS services through serverless computing

Routing Profiles

Create advanced routing profiles on-the-go to improve agent utilization

Deep Insight

Integrate with BI solutions for Advanced reporting to improve contact center performance