Mobile Apps & IoT (Dev & Implementation)


BizCloud Experts helps build faster, reliable, secure Mobile App

Mobile Apps & IoT

BizCloud Expert’s core competency is providing consulting services for solution architecture and design web and mobile applications development, DevOps, IoT services and cloud management.

BizCloud Experts helps enterprises accelerate their digital transformation and cloud adoption initiatives. Working with their clients, they help their client create new experiences that blend business and customer domains, and improve operational efficiencies and organizational performance.

  • Create Serverless mobile backend, which helps in reduced cost to maintain, update & patch Server on premise.
  • Manage User identity & sign-in with Multifactor authorization.
  • user engagement by sending Push notification to billions of devices.
  • Track usage pattern.
  • Improve Quality of IOS, Android, or Web apps by testing them on real phones & tablets in the AWS cloud.
  • Build Secure Enterprise App using SaaS integration, Adding Conventional Bots etc.
  • Using AWS IoT service, we can easily connect devices with other devices and also can securely interact with cloud applications. This, in turn, will result in low latency & low overhead.
  • Customer can continuously ingest, filter, process & route data that is streamed from connected devices and further that data can be used for data analytics.

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Use Cases:

  • New Product or Service Development and Implementation.
  • Add new features or capabilities to an existing Mobile or IoT Application.
  • Refactoring or Migrating legacy applications to cloud.

Case Studies: Approved Rent-A-Center case study

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