Design and build HIPAA compliant solutions on cloud

Cloud based HealthCare solution

We bring in our expertise to code, build/migrate, manage healthcare applications on cloud.

At BizCloud Experts, we provide cloud based healthcare solutions which are not only HIPAA compliant, but also secure, highly-available and auto-scalable. Our team of certified architects and engineers can help you build, migrate and deploy your healthcare business on cloud.

Benefits of the service

We build scalable, highly-available backend infrastructure for healthcare solutions, with minimum investment and operational costs

Security and Compliance

We adhere to HIPAA & other compliance requirements while designing solutions on cloud


Avoid over/under utilization of capacity by designing an auto-scalable solution

Backup and Recovery

Achieve business continuity through automated disaster recovery solution


Speed up time-to-market by building a micro-service based architecture while meeting compliance requirements

HIPAA eligible services

Our architecture leverages the HIPAA eligible AWS services at every point where PHI data is involved

Monitoring and Reporting

Continuously monitor your infrastructure to gain more insight and enable pro-active alerting system


Nagesh and team were critical to the success of SurgeryLink. We simply wouldn’t be where we are today without them
Ken Stephens
Board Member, SurgeryLink