EduCube – eLearn

BizCloud Experts Solution to help transform the Learning Experience in Higher Education system in emerging markets.


The solution enables on Open Learning Management System (LMS) also called as Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) for education institutes. The solution is tailored to meet each institution’s unique needs. The Service as defined includes but is not limited the following features

  • On board the institution, its curriculum and students to the system
  • Manage registration
  • Integration Sign-on with Google, Facebook
  • Enable Google Docs, Facebook and Amazon Services enrich Collaboration, Social and Technology experience
  • Optimize site for mobility
  • Deployment uses BitNami Stack version for Public Cloud or Private Cloud appliance.

Solution Options

  • Cloud Based : Leveraged solution targeted for instructors and universities on AWS.
  • Institution Specific Cloud Deployment : Private LMS implementation on Cloud on BizCloud Partner sites or Institution chosen partner
  • Private Deployment : Private hosted solution on-premise on customer specific hardware.


This solution is focused on emerging markets in Asia Region: India, Indonesia and Vietnam. We are inviting institutions and academicians to join on a selective basis.

Why do we care ?

We want to reverse the trend that less than 5% of professionals graduating with professional degrees from higher education institutions are usable. We want to reverse this trend by helping institutions create a better learning environment. Read this recent publication in CXO today to get a better understanding : Article


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