With today’s technology, a person in the loop, whether that someone at a call center making a 911 call on your behalf, or an automated device transmitting a Lat/Long location that require a street address translation, both increases time-to-care (arrival time of emergency first-responders). Our solution saves lives by automating the 911 notification process and translates emergency GPS locations to a street address for first-responders — so they can arrive on scene faster.

Our solutions utilizes a GPS tracker for acquiring your location, then converts that data to a real-time location that can be provided directly to a 911 operator. We will demonstrate how we trigger an AWS Polly function to call 911 and reduce the complexity of dialing manually.


For several reasons like involved in an accident, caught up in a fire or natural disaster, placing an emergency call using a phone could be quite impossible sometimes. Integrating the idea of using IoT device with Amazon Polly to reduce the complexity involved is the motivation behind our project.  In this demo, we showcase the solution developed by BizCloud Experts, which is being offered as an IoT solution that can automatically call 911 in case of threat/emergency.

Business Value

  • IoT is often easy to understand, particularly in these predictive maintenance solutions- less unexpected downtime of production lines, safety improvements and enables combining various data from external data sources(weather data etc).
  • These insights can be used to help build better solutions. We use a GPS tracker to get the location data, convert the data to a real time location, trigger a function that allows Polly to make the call thereby reducing the complexity of dialing manually.

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