The article titled “Ready, set, go: Reinventing the organization for speed in the post-COVID-19 era” from McKinsey reinforced our belief that “speed” has always been a differentiator, but during and post COVID-19, speed will become the key differentiator

At BizCloud Experts, our last three months were spent exactly focusing on what this latest article from McKinsey recognized; it is all about speed.

#Serverless, #ReThinkCX
  • We have re-purposed our engineering talent, and now have two additional delivery skills recognitions from AWS (#cloudformation , #apigateway).
  • We have simplified how to do business with us; we start working on problems with just an NDA in place.
  • We are further investing in simplifying our work process, and have modified and introduced our controls on Agile Development to show daily progress.
  • We have launched our “Serverless Contact Center” services with no start-up costs. Working with AmazonConnect, we are improving customer experiences on-demand in businesses of greatly varying sizes and eliminating upfront costs.
  • We are moving our support and operations to AmazonConnect, Zoho & Redmine: now, you can call-in or chat with us. We are making ourselves available on multiple channels.

That all sounds great, but what did we really accomplish & how did our customers benefit?

  1. We took a command center live in less than 5 days to provide “Critical 24/7 Care” in an important implementation for a major logistics provider.
  2. We transformed a small family eat-in restaurant into a take-out/carry-out place by adding converting PoS to ServiceDesk agents using AmazonConnect in less than 3 days. This helped them continue to take orders and stay focused on delivering good food.
  3. We helped a travel service provider lower AWS costs and add security controls to their complex web applications in 4 weeks.
  4. We have re-launched our first SaaS offering, FieldsManager, with more features and functionalities. There were over 60 features added or bugs resolved.

At BizCloud Experts, we feel this is just the beginning. We are committed to making a difference, and we believe our culture of “Work Hard, Play Hard” will deliver +ve outcomes faster when we work together.