In technology industry, it is common to work from home (WFM) / work remotely. Heck the entire outsourcing industry is based on working remotely. So this is nothing new and WFM is truly not a technology problem, we have too many collaboration tools. Then why this message

Covid-19 brings unprecedented challenges to this equation. 
  • it is forcing everyone to work from home, not necessarily a remote office location. For e.g back office functions that were moved to India, but the person in India was expected to be in an office to perform the function
  • it is giving new freedom to work at convenience, with more freedom comes more accountability. Raises the question how we measure accountability.
  • shelter in place, drives new challenges on mobility of person. The reason a person is allowed to work from home is because there is an presumption he / she is following the law and adhering to shelter in place intentions.
  • essential businesses are expected to continue performing services; Airlines are expected to fly planes even if there is 1 passenger on the plane. To fly planes they need services to be operating
  • work reductions: we are not in growth mode, we are in survival mode. We have use this time to get better not burn it without purpose. Every opportunity to help someone now could become the reason any one survives. You really want the call from your client, from your manager, or an acquaintance that need hep and more importantly you are ready to help ( –> not put yourself in position of sipping beer on a beach that you cannot be of any help )
  • last but not the least, everyone on the planet is a soldier against Covid-19. It is just not important to keep yourself safe but it is import to keep others safe and be ready to help where ever when ever needed

As we are nearing, and continue to hear rumors that Texas / Georgia may be the first states to start opening up. I reach out to you with the following specific asks/suggestions:

  1. This is the time to hunker down and shelter in place. Do not run out thinking Covid-19 is gone. The first week could become the worst week if we don’t stay safe. We will not officially open the office for at least 1 week after “shelter in place” rules are lifted. The office will stay operational to help those who need our help
  2. On a personal level, do any essential purchases this week so that you are not exposed when streets become full again. Please take every precaution needed to #staysafe
  3. Please take this week to reconnect with all stakeholders (clients, friends, family) and re-establish communication channels. 
  4. Working from home etiquette ->Reduce email clutter, talk to colleagues (direct meet, slack etc etc), produce results that are visually reviewed. 
  5. Last but not least : #StaySafe, #StayPositive and Hope we can survive the reopening without a relapse.
We are here to support our clients and stakeholders best we can.