Traditional DR solutions require costly set of duplicate IT resources (storage, compute, and networking) and software licenses. By replicating your workloads into a low-cost staging area in your preferred AWS Region, AWS Disaster Recovery solution (CloudEndure) reduces compute costs by 95% and eliminates the need to pay for duplicate OS and third-party application licenses.

As an AWS advanced partner, we have experience to help implement

  1. On-Premises to Cloud Disaster Recovery -This model moves your secondary data center to the AWS Cloud without downtime or performance impact. You can improve your reliability, availability, and security without having to invest in duplicate hardware, networking, or software.
  2. Cross-Region Disaster Recovery – If your application is already on AWS, you can add an additional layer of cost-effective protection and improve your business continuity by setting up cross-region disaster recovery. You can set up continuous replication between regions or Availability Zones and meet stringent RPO (Recovery Point Objective) or RTO (Recovery Time Objective) requirements.
  3. Cross-Cloud Disaster Recovery – If you run workloads on other clouds, you can increase your overall resilience and meet compliance requirements by using AWS as your DR site. CloudEndure Disaster Recovery will replicate and recover your workloads, including automatic conversion of your source machines so that they boot and run natively on AWS.

“We engaged BizCloud Experts to help us evaluate and fix our Web Application Firewall (AWS WAF) deployment. I was impressed with how the team under Nagesh’s leadership quickly understood our application architecture and reconfigured the WAF aligned to our application architecture. They were agile, responsive and cost effective. We have the confidence in the team and have now expanded our relationship BizCloud Experts to help us deploy Cross Region Disaster Recovery Solution on AWS.”

John Nguyen
President, TLV Advanced Software Solutions

AWS has reduced price for CloudEndure Disaster Recovery Product by about 80% today, making it more cost-effective than ever: $0.028 per hour, or about $20 per month per server.

BizCloud Experts has been a partner for CloudEndure before AWS Acquisition. Contact us, We can help you execute your Disaster Recovery Project with Confidence !