It feels like you constantly chasing the next meeting, next task, next event and somewhere in there you start getting the feeling that you are losing focus on outcomes, achievements or results until you stop for second and reflect on what you are doing ! This blog is an attempt to exactly to do that an put things in perspective !

  • Week started with @karuna youth team running their monthly sandwich drive. Come to think of it, it is now a tradition here at BizCloud for these kids to come drive this community serving activity
  • We worked on 4+ Projects, with resources in India, Romania, Germany, Sri Lanka, USA all coordinated from our Office India.
  • We helped a customer fail-over assets between Tokyo Region and US West, Resolved a Word Press Issue, Created over 20+ Web Services, Completed a WAF enablement project. It is no joke when we say, there was some one working on some project 24×7
  • Our Training room continues to be a mess with all Cricket gear, but once again team we support played a league game and conducted practice session which open to all.
  • We got Recognized for Our Contact Center Solution Practice and Started working new initiatives in logistics, retail, manufacturing !

As this weekend approaches many across the world will be celebrating Diwali, a festival that symbolize’s spiritually “victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance”.

Tejas in our Company’s name embodies this very spirit as it means “Friend / Ally” when derived from Spanish or “Illumination / Fire” when derived from Sanskrit

We here at BizCloud cherish our ability to make a difference of in lives of folks across the globe and our customer. Look forward to doing more that make a difference that we can all cherish