This week @bizcloudexperts we are ecstatic as our drive to improve and provide better solutions just took a turn for the better, at-least in our opinion.

In our ability to engineer better solutions we are always evaluating low-code or no code options. This we had our engineering duo under the tough deadlines and some guidance accomplished to deliver a no-code data services platform. They published over 30 micro-services for front-end, and 5+ data sync services with complex translations in matter of days.  This work would taken weeks/months worth of development using languages like Java/NodeJS or Python in matter of days.  

Eliminating the need write lots of java/nodejs or python code, will truly be a game changer on how we build backend services in our future projects in terms agility, speed and price!


Congratulations @Jeremaih Mathers & @Sundeep Katragadda. Your ability constantly adapt change and deliver higher value is second to None. Our next step is make this self-service and re-usable. We are so glad that against the pressure to write java/node.js/python code we decided to invest time in create true data-services architecture/platform.

Some use cases

  1. Consistent Experience across OMNI Channel Projects
  2. Build faster integration for Contact Centers
  3. Private Clouds can make it easer for developers to access data-services on demand
  4. Applications can become database agnostic

We hope to publish and white paper and quick start guide on this soon ! …. if you would like to discuss the details, contact us or email !