Recently, we got asked a few questions that really made us think and step back. The questions look fairly simple

  1. Our storage costs are going out of roof for system that is not even in production, can you analyze ?
  2. We have our Web Application Firewall (WAF) configured but it does not look like it is working right, can you review our configuration

Our Answer : Yeah no worries we will analyze. What we found was really alarming.

On Q1, a quick look showed us the that over 10 TB was allocated to Available volumes or stopped instances.

On Q2, we found the WAF was configured to use “Cloud Front Distribution” when the application was not using a distribution.

We quickly fixed the WAF and are working with the customer to enforce life cycle policies that could lead to auto-optimizing cloud usage.

These simple questions and solutions to the questions lead us to believe we can do more for our customers by asking a very simple question of our own “Are you well-architected?”. Conducting well architected analysis will the solution you build is future proofed. Did we really use the word “Future – Proofed”, Yes and Yes we can help

@BizClould Experts, we are an AWS Registered in to AWS Well Architected Partner Program (WAPP). Need more information on how we can help you with Well Architected Analysis?