Last week our CTO and a couple of our Solution Architects joined the community in support of the Small Business Expo held in downtown Dallas. We were among many small business owners all looking to make right connections.

Our strategy was simple, educate the crowd on smart office and voice solutions and help redefine the modern workplace. We are showing clients just how building on the cloud combined with DX solutions — can change the way they interact and learn from their own customers.

“We are truly passionate about our community and the world — we invest and look for opportunities to better it, That’s how we should all look at the world — one big puzzle looking to be figured out says Nagesh, President and CTO of BizCloud Experts. We must find our passion, and run with it and for us it’s helping customers understand the power of technology and how  to take advantage of all the resources out there. That’s our job— finding the right balance of technology solutions to bring to the table and help customers with whatever it is they want to accomplish.”

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