Our hard work is paying off! We’ve had a very active month here @BizCloudExperts. We continue to find ways to work smarter by creating automated solutions which in turn helps our clients meet or even exceed their digital transformation goals. We also put our attention and focus towards #ServiceCatalog #Serverless Solutions, #SmartOffice and Voice Enabled Apps.

Key Achievements:

  1. Delivered 27 user stories to aid and accelerate digital transformation projects:
    • Quick launch of Serverless Apps using Service Catalog
    • Released two (2) Smart Office Assistant skills
    • Enabled cross-account access for all enterprise AWS accounts and automated key rotation solution
    • Migrated BizCloud Experts domains from 1and1 to Google domains
    • CX BoT to automate accept forms using Voice
  2. Published 3 blog posts with related content and videos
  3. Made ourselves visible – we attended or showcased at:
    1. IoT Security Summit
    2. Tech Summit
    3. SmartCities Summit / IIoT World Events
    4. SpiceWorld 2018
  4. Showcased FIELDS MANAGER @ SmartCities

Some Pictures From the Month