Sounds easy, until you get this picture as the Serverless solution architecture frame work that needs to get deployed!

Worried about how to configure Infrastructure that includes, VPC, Route 53, RDS, cloud-front, S3, configure s3-hosting, SSM Parameter store, API Gateway, CFT’s, Lambda, SNS, Cognito  …… and the list goes on ! …

Now we can help you can deploy this architecture with 1 click. We now have the following configuration as a re-usable portfolio on AWS Service Catalog that can quickly let our customers get started in minutes!

Now you make 100 copies for different use cases, like test instance, development environment, environments for agile scrum teams, demo instances for sales teams or even streamline and automate the micro-service testing you are building with one click. Now with enhancements, you can clean up these environments with one click too!

Making team agile, requires enterprises to rethink how we deliver platforms end-to-end, we can extend the concept of delivering fully functional solutions that can be quickly integrated with your DevOps pipeline and tailored to your specific use case ..

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