Today, we made our office a little SMARTER. Given that we are small business, our front desk is not always staffed. So when someone walks in, typically it leads them to locate the person they’re looking for by going through the office causing unnecessary distractions. Now, you don’t have to.

Our visitors can now stop at the front desk and simply ask our Smart Assistant “Computer, where’s Nagesh?” The Smart Assistant then looks up the person you’re looking for in the database and notifies them that someone is at the front desk. No more trying to call the person or disturbing others while they work. Using Smart Office Solutions from BizCloud Experts have never been easier. Check out our other use cases:

  1. Digitizing visitor login
  2. Remote authorization and vendor access
  3. Automating Employee Sign-In/Out

This private skill was developed as a #serverless function and deployed into Alexa For Business. What’s exciting is that visitors no longer need to trigger a conversation, the sensor will detect them entering the room and initiates a conversation with them. Look for this NEW feature coming soon!

This new #digitaltransformation skill was developed by one of fall interns. We are so #proud to continue to work with schools and universities to help train the #NEXTGEN workforce with advanced technology skills.

Looking to build private skills for your Alexa? Look no further, we can do all the set-up and training you need!

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