@BizCloud Experts everyone is proud that they were a part of a successful 5-day Cloud DevOps Bootcamp, July 21 at the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science at The University of Texas at Dallas.

This was first of a kind for us @bizcloudexperts, as we introduced trainers from recent graduates to over 20+ years of experience blending real-world experience into the classroom along trainers skilled in Emerging tools and technologies. The following quote from a student epitomizes our intent, “The speakers, the interaction with instructors, the real-world examples helped me understand the concepts better” and we are glad we took a blended approach.

In our constant strive to improve, we conducted a survey to understand how we did. The +ve feedback from students truly overwhelmed us. Again this is best stated in the words of another student, “I enjoyed how passionate everyone was. This is truly one of the best workshops I’ve been to.” The overrating for the class was above 4 on a 5-scale. Constructive feedback included requesting more visuals and lab time.

Last but not the least, we would like to thank the faculty, student coordinators and each and every student who signed up and took the journey with us. We are extremely grateful for the incredible and positive responses we received from all of those who participated.

Our learning was that it’s also a workshop the students felt they would recommend to others. So we are trying to figure how we can do more of these short highly interactive courses as everyone is hard pressed for time in a world where continuous change is the new way of life. Welcome the to the world of DevOps!

Thank you
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