Successful startups are not created in a vacuum. They are connected to networks comprised of faculty, mentors and other innovators. Higher education institutions can play a crucial role in an entrepreneurial ecosystem, and even a more important role within developing economies. Startups benefit from university involvement in ecosystems in a number of ways. Universities are hubs of human capital, knowledge, and expertise.

At BizCloud Experts, we  are proactively outreaching to the universities. Bringing awareness of the benefits is key to setting a vision and mission in common in which both parts will contribute in their very own way. Finding an institution that shares the same goals, paired with the capabilities and capacities needed by the startup is also a plus. We’re collaborating with the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD), Rochester Institute of Technology at New York (RIT) and Anurag Group of Institutions (CVSR) at Hyderabad as part of our vision to bridge the gap between classroom teaching and industry expectation.

Our internship program is flexible by design – the capstone courses working as proof-of-concept labs are an opportunity for both startups and faculty members to capture the knowledge, creativity, and ideas from students and turn them into the creation of working prototypes of a product or service at the completion of the academic course. Working with real projects that will soon become products transform into applied research projects led by researchers and involving students. Additionally, the learning process of students providing viable solutions in a real environment bridges the gap between theoretical and applied knowledge.


By startups joining the university’s network, entrepreneurs become a valuable resource for faculty members and students when they engage with current students. University affiliated startups become potential mentors, coaches, investors, by providing internship opportunities for students, new hires for their own company, and/or donors. Prospective students may also have the option to consider specific universities based on the institution’s reputation to non-academic aspects such entrepreneurial culture, startup creation, funding, competitions, and other opportunities linked to startups and entrepreneurship. This is key to any university and/or any community working on building an entrepreneurial culture and ecosystem targeting the student population.

Join, follow and support us as we engage with students at University of Texas at Dallas over a Cloud based DevOps workshop from Jul 20th – Aug 5th, that is designed to introduce the basic principles of cloud computing, advantages of building cloud applications using modern DevOps tools and working knowledge with real life examples using NodeJS / Python.