Mobility and Mobile devices are becoming ubiquitous with enterprise and the move to Bring your own Device (BYOD) continues to rapidly proliferate within the enterprise. A survey of BYOD trends by MarketsandMarkets found that North American adoption rates were at 36 percent at the start of 2017 and project to almost 50 percent by the start of 2018.

At BizCloud Experts, we feel mandating Mobile Device Management (MDM) for every device that can access enterprise data, is essential to doing business going forward. MDM lets organizations control/secure access to smartphones and tablets, have strict control to Applications and data on devices. Also, if a device is lost it can be easily wiped of enterprise data.

“Securing information of BizCloud Experts and the Clients who do business with BizCloud Experts is second to none for us. We have a clear view of the mobile devices connecting to our documents and drives” – Bhramara, CEO.

All the documents, spreadsheets, code, mails, calendar items and contact information is now secured when handled by BizCloud Experts SME’s, Developers and Cloud Architects. We continue to invest into our relationship with Google, to continuously drive productivity in office while enhancing our security posture.