It was a major shift, years ago, when business units woke up the client/server paradigm by breaking away from their dependence on the IT department’s mainframe to purchase and manage their own PCs.   The excuse (ROI) used by the business units was simple – they needed PCs for word processing — and to share spreadsheets between departments to manage lists and simplify math & accounting functions.   The reality was that the business units of major multinational corporations were using Excel spreadsheet to independently manage their own day-to-day IT functions and sharing that information/data with the C-Suite.

Fast-forward a generation, and the issues the business units had in the past haven’t changed – the IT department is still a bottleneck when it comes to new application development: costly code development cycles and never enough manpower resources to write new application code.

Today’s solution for an Enterprise-grade, Web-based, mobile-enabled application builder for a scalable and secure alternative?  A No Code Application Platform aa Service (APaaS) from Wem.IO.

Wem.IO is a very cost effective APaaS alternative to writing source code.  If you’re comfortable writing expressions or formulas in MS Excel, then you just might be ready to develop your own Enterprise-grade application using Wem.IO.

With accolades from both Gartner and IDC, you can trust WEM’s application platform is ready to tackle your department’s development needs, in a fraction of the time – hours instead of days.   WEM has made a few demo videos to show you how easy it is to build a WEM app in just 3 minutes.

BizCloud Experts is an authorized reseller of WEM.IO and can help you with your development and training needs.

Please comment below to let us know about your No Code experience, or feel free to let us know if you have any questions or just need a little help to getting started with your first app!