As you start considering placing/consuming business critical applications in the cloud, it is very critical you do not loose visibility and control of your assets.

This month, I would like to highlight a new self-service enhancement we have made to our services. Find below the link to a custom-demo dashboard we are now enabling for all our customers so that they have full visibility all their assets in the cloud in a cloud agnostic way. The integrated dashboard represents “service states” cloud assets running in Singapore, US, hosted by Amazon and 1&1 hosting providers.


Password: b1zclouddemo

We truly believe this will help our customers

  1. increase developer productivity by ensuring and isolating any Infrastructure issues quickly
  2. quickly co-relate issues to business impact
  3. tailor the dash-board to measure business metrics

This service is fully integrated with BizCloud Experts – support desk and any alerts are auto ticked. Additionally, BizCloud has enhanced capability that automates new assets provisioned to be automatically added to your custom dashboard. The key features dash-board provides are

  • Server Monitoring
  • WebSite/URL Monitoring
  • Custom Metrics

Please feel free to contact us for additional questions or see how this kind of solution can be enabled for you on-prem/private or cloud solution. To ask a question, please visit and click on “Ask Us” button on the right.


BizCloud Experts Team