As we look at 2016, we continue to hear significant number of Layoff in the Technology Companies. Last Article I read points to more than 260,000 so far and some of the companies that have announced include : VMWare, CISCO, EMC, Microsoft, Oracle, HP. Technology companies that have influenced careers in high tech over the last couple of decades if not more

And Yet –> as the graphic below shows ! companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, RackSpace continue to experience significant growth !

So one thing is for sure, the next 20 years is going to be vastly different than the previous 20.

We at BizCloud are proud that we are creating a small work place that is experimenting with emerging talent and technologies to help companies cope with this change and we are starting with small things:

  • Creating a work place that resembles a learning environment more than enterprise. Check out work environment @
  • Creating On-Demand Workforce with Free Lancers to quickly create solutions. We work with Resources all over the globe, to name a few : Ukraine, India, Philippines, USA, Netherlands. Working with BizCloud, you not only get scale of cloud but also tapping to emerging talent globally.
  • Establishing partnerships, that help Enterprises adopt emerging SMAC technologies at rapid pace. We continue to invest into AWS and other Cloud Relationships, to help our team accelerate solution development using these relationships.

If you want to learn more, you

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